We offer soft encapsulation service

for sport and the diet supplements sector

Soon we will be able to offer you products encapsulation using plant gelatine.

Soft gelatine capsules, also known as flexible capsules, occupy an important place among modern forms of drugs. They are mechanically robust. They also guarantee the necessary physical and chemical durability of the medicinal substances contained in them. Hermetically sealed, they are protected against the destructive effects of external agents.

Due to the characteristics of their gelatine sheath soft capsules are neutral for the human body (gelatine is digested) and require no excipients such as those used in tablets. They offer patients comfort in drugs administration because they mask any unpleasant taste or smell of the content.

We are able to manufacture soft capsules with the following parameters:







Advantages of soft capsules:

The main advantage of soft capsules is that they allow oral administration of precise doses of medicinal substances with poor or no water solubility. These substances are placed inside the capsule in liquid form (solutions, suspensions and emulsions) or semi-solid form (paste) and tightly sealed. Their nature makes them ideal because, unlike water-soluble substances, they do not react with water contained in the gelatine sheath of the capsule.

Soft capsules are highly valued in pharmacy since they enable quick absorption of medicinal substances, which also means better bioavailability parameters.

It is obvious that all this allows achieving the optimum therapeutic effect. By comparison, an active substance administered in the form of a typical tablet or hard capsule, coated tablet or powder may be available to the body only after solving in the water environment of the alimentary tract and then, in accordance with its water partition coefficient, after longer or shorter period needed for achieving readiness for absorption and commencing the  therapeutic action.

Soft capsules are sometimes referred to as the most element form of drug. Their surface can be dull, glossy or with just a slight gloss. They owe their extensive range of colours to the dyes or their mixes used in pharmaceutical technology. They can also contain aromas – this applies mostly to soft capsules in the diet supplements category, containing specific plant extracts or vitamins.

Even more benefits:

The beneficial pharmaceutical properties presented by soft capsules are being constantly improved to achieve additional advantages over tablets or hard capsules. Attempts are made to increase even further the bioavailability of substances administered in the form of flexible capsules. Since it mostly depends on the speed of dissolution of its lipophylic contents in the hydrophylic stomach juices it is accelerated by using well-known techniques assisting dissolution, e.g. by adding polyethylene glycols, cyclodextrins, carboxymethylcellulosum or emulsifiers.

With their help the process of dissolution and the subsequent process of absorption takes place efficiently and at an appropriate rate. The improved forms of soft capsules include gastro-resistant capsules (uncoated) made using gelatine combined with polymers which dissolve in the gut, or hardened gelatine, soft capsules with a controlled profile of release coated with suitable sheaths, soft capsules for chewing and soft capsules without gelatine, where the sheath is formed using plant hydrocoloiodes (modified starch, gluco- and galactomannans and their mixes) or polyvinyl acid (PVA).

Potentially, soft capsules can also take the form of prolonged release capsules thanks to the presence of granules, microcapsules, micro-pellets or other micro-compartment forms with modified active substance release parameters. In this case the gelatine sheath itself requires no modification.