Sale of FIRE LIFE paintball balls

We offer retail and wholesale sales of FIRE LIFE paintball balls. We delivery any quantity. We provide transport throughout the EU. Order highest quality FIRE LIFE paintball balls made in Poland today.

Manufacturer of paintball balls and soft capsules


We are Poland’s first manufacturer of paintball balls. Thanks to the fact that production takes place within central Europe the balls delivery time is much shorter than in the case of balls made outside the borders of our own continent. This means that our FIRE LIFE balls come to the buyer fresh, directly from the production line.

Świerze kulki paintball od polskiego producenta

Fresh balls

Due to the fact that production is located in Poland the delivery time is shorter and FIRE LIFE balls arrive fresh. Thansk to this the balls retain their optimum properties.

Kulki paintball kalibru 0,68 cala

Calibre 0.68 in

We manufacture balls of the universal 0.68 inch calibre which means that they fit many types of markets.

Perfectly round

Perfectly round

Thanks to the latest production technology FIRE LIFE balls are perfect spheres which makes them much more accurate at long distances.

FIRE LIFE balls are intended for use by individual players and in commercial fields attaching great importance to ensuring high level of customer support.

  • box of 2,000 paintball balls,
  • box contains 4 bags with 500 balls each,
  • balls are identical in terms of diameter and quality of manufacture,
  • balls have been tested by us using high- and low-pressure markers,
  • repeatable trajectory and accuracy,
  • the filling marks the opponents well, while being easy to remove from the uniforms,
  • most importantly, our balls are made on a current basis, so you always get the freshest product available in the Polish market

Commercial and training paintball balls

FIRE LIFE paintball balls made by Poland’s first manufacturer have a filling based on PEG. The main advantages of this material include: easy removal from uniforms – even at low temperatures and good marking of players. In addition, our paintball balls are perfect spheres and come in a universal calibre of 0.68 inch. Thanks to this FIRE LIFE paintball balls are ideally suited for the leading brands of markers, both low and high pressure.

The production technology and the perfect recipe guarantee that our balls do not break in the barrel and their trajectory has a high repeatability index. Poland’s first paintball balls manufacturer

Poland’s first paintball balls manufacturer

As the first manufacturer of balls in Poland we make every effort to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. For this reason we test every batch produced by us. The drop test of our balls is performed from a height of 180 cm and almost 100% burst on impact when hitting the target.

As the first manufacturer of balls in Poland we also offer you an opportunity to order your own individual colour scheme of the ball. We can create a ball with any colour of the shell and the filling. We can to overprint your own logo on the paintball balls too.

In order to meet the requirements of our Customers we launch new production lines. Thanks to this our offer will soon include winter balls.

Paintball Radom Factory is a factory built out of passion for paintball. This is why our main goal is to ensure that the balls manufactured by us give our Customers as much enjoyment as possible from pursuing this wonderful form of entertainment.

Wishing to satisfy everyone of you we would also like to inform that we co-operate with a company that can create an individual design of the box and logo, thus allowing you to promote your
indoor and outdoor paintball fields.


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